Mobile container solutions

Container concept we design to be operated in the shortest possible time and required place. As a design basis for mobile solutions, we normally use 20 or 40 feet ISO shipping containers. This solution allows easy transportation (in case of atypical requirements, different dimensions of containers are possible).

Our typical solutions include:

Mobile data centers

The mobile data center in both container sizes offers:

  • Racks for IT technology.
  • Storage space.
  • Preparation for external / internal data connectivity.
  • Backed up power source (n + 1).
  • Cooling (n + 1).
  • IT power up to 100kW.

This solution can serve as a temporary replacement of current systems in the event of a DC crash.

It offers more uses:

  • Organizing larger events.
  • Army use.
  • Flexible addition of existing data centre capacity.

Mobile data centres with lower input costs provide more efficient operation than a standard data center.

Mobile battery containers

Battery containers with variable capacity up to 1.3 MWh can be provided as:

  • Storage space for saving energy from renewable energy sources (photovoltaics, wind power plants) in times of weak demand from distribution networks.
  • Back-up power source for critical operations in the event of power outage.
  • Power grid stabilization at peak times.
  • Electric vehicles charging station.
  • Temporary use on locations with no power grid where the motor generator cannot be used due to possible fire, ecological or other hazards.

Mobile cryptomining centres

The container solution allows unlimited mobility with the possibility of a power input of 250 kW mining capacity. Its internal layout is modular, so there is no problem which cryptocurrency you mine and which machines you use (whether it is an “ASIC” or “RIG”), all at high container efficiency.