Automation and Smart solutions

Based on customer or designer requirements, we can program software for PLC controllers and integrate it into a superior system. We follow modern trends and the direction of Industry 4.0 as well. For homes we offer an “automatic home control system” solution according to customer requirements (based on data from the weather station or sensors in the house). Whether heating control, window blind control or energy, gas and water readings with their subsequent evaluation.

Our typical solutions include:

Technological operations

  • We provide installation and service of security elements in the field of operations. These are optical barriers, this security element should be used wherever it is necessary to ensure easy and fast access to the machine while maintaining operational safety. Available either passive for direct distances up to 8 m or active for direct distances up to 70 m. Safety fences.
  • Monitoring of quarter-hour maximum consumption of electricity with subsequent disconnection of load according to priority etc.

Technical room in apartment building (Boiler room)

  • In addition to space monitoring and energy readings, we also offer regulation of heating (heating water) based on outdoor temperature and energy tariff. Hot water storage control before switching off the low tariff.
  • Monitoring of energy maximum etc.

Family house

  • We offer systems for energy and water readings, regulation of heating, retracting and tilting of window blinds according to the current position of the sun, as well as systems for automatic shut-off of the water supply in the event of washing machine leakage and other home solutions tailored to the customer.

We offer the delivery of standardized hardware (MaR)

  • We provide standardized hardware systems for data collection, evaluation, and control of technologies for universal use across the spectrum of human activities.
  • This hardware enables not only the monitoring of the current customer solution, but also the effective management and optimization of processes.

We offer the delivery of technological units in the field of energy

  • We provide solutions for energy storage and distribution, for use either within the company’s technological processes or as a stabilization element for the energy operator (performance balancing services).
  • In this area, we offer, among others, battery container units including control and predictive systems, and the possibility of connection to the energy infrastructure operator’s systém.
  • Other areas include individual solutions for measurement and management within enterprises and comprehensive energy optimization for businesses

Custom hardware preparation

  • Based on the analysis of the customer’s location/business, we design a customized hardware solution for a specific situation that meets the customer’s needs and is cost-effective in terms of both investment and operation.
  • This primarily involves the preparation of automation assemblies and computing clusters.