We provide both IT and NonIT technologies monitoring . In this field we cooperate with market leading suppliers. In fact, sophisticated monitoring system makes possible to detect faults before they become apparent. The collected data are then used to optimize operations, analyze trends and plan the necessary measures in a timely manner. We are able not only to deliver, but to lease the monitoring solutions as well.

Our typical solutions include:

Technical premises

  • We also offer monitoring system that will allow you to control your technical rooms and premises, whether it be a garage, hall, boiler room or greenhouse.
  • The premises usually monitor temperature, humidity, flooding, exposure, energy, water and gas as well. The range of monitored quantities is practically unlimited. Then, everything is processed by an industrial computer with visualization, which can be easily viewed both on a desktop computer in the office and on a tablet in the field.

Manufacturing plants and data centers

  • We offer fully professional monitoring solutions for premises such as substations, engine rooms, compressor rooms, production facilities, data rooms and more.
  • Everything is tailored to the customer’s requirements and project documentation.
  • The conditions of the environment (temperature, humidity, dew point, gas concentration, exposure, air flow), the states of individual technologies (air-conditioning units, UPS, motor generators, chillers and dry coolers, industrial machines and robots, etc.) are monitored in the premises where you need reading and evaluating energy consumption or production such as electricity, water, gas, heat, cold (reading energy and other data from main analyzers and other sub-meters with operational efficiency evaluation and PUE efficiency calculation), security and fire technology (from simple door opening detection up to SHZ, EZS, ACS, EPS etc.).
  • We provide maintenance of data collection technologies (PLC, communication protocol converters and low-voltage installations) and optical security barriers.
  • Data processing can be solved by typical server setup or distributed setup with backup data collection in the form of PLC and evaluation through a fully redundant server system with powerful disk storage for archiving.
  • Standard visualization is based on thin client.